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what the hell is klüg?

We thought you'd never ask.
Well, Klüg means wise, the one who knows more, the one you reach out for advise. @ Klüg we create solutions with our clients to exceed their company/ brand goals.
Our humble team allows us to develop a personalized way of connecting with the client. Making the best of the time we have, to perfectly know and understand the brand/service/ product needs.
We create solutions to problems involving webdesign, branding, art direction, motion design, packaging, 3D, and basically what you need. With Klüg, there are no limits, not even the sky. Reach us, we won’t bite (maybe).

what can we do?

A lot of things, like galloping around the office and watching stupid stuff on the internet! But also some other things, not less important. Check it out below!
Design and Coding - Klüg Services

Design & Coding

Creative concept with digital accessibility.

Brand Activation - Klüg Services

Brand Activation

How should you present your brand, both on and off shelf.

Social Media - Klüg Services

Social Media

The Strategy to ensure your goals on facebook, instagram and youtube. Creativity + Communication + Crisis Management + Ads.

Video - Klüg Services


From results presentations, to infographics, institutional and features videos, we got you.

Ads Campaigns - Klüg Services

Ads Campaigns

Reach your target on the perfect moment and place. #GeoTargetingAds

Trends and Futuring - Klüg Services

Trends & Futuring

Looking for the next Mrec banner? The next “worth sharing” idea? We are on it.

Consulting - Klüg Services

Consulting & Media Relations

The secret to being even better at your job. Strategic consulting and a unique media relation. Don't know what to share? Well, we do!

Training - Klüg Services


Don’t know how? We show you how. Get the training from someone who actually does the work.

sectors we work on

We work in the most diverse business areas. We adapt to challenges like the Kardashians.


We don't like the drugs, but the drugs like us. Joking... We love it.


Cuz your health means everything to us... We got you boo.

Wine & Spirits

Cuz sometimes you get on our nerves... We are not perfect, we need alcohol to deal with you. #sorrynotsorry

Professional Nutrition

Summer bodies and mirror selfies are awful... but still important, and for that, we must look our best for all our enemies.


They see us rollin' they hatin'. We have places to be, and yes, you can sit with us.

Food & Beverages

We make food dissapear. What's your superpower?

Beauty & Fashion

We didn't wake up like this. We need all the help we can get.


We can be crazy ass professionals adults. You'd be like "wutttt", and we would be like: "Told'ya mister lawyer boss"


We're "travsessed"*.
*Obsessed with travelling.


We are a team based on the beautiful town of Lisbon.
The City Madonna chose to live in. Bitch We’re Madonna!



+351 915 211 118 | WhatsApp

The klüggers Office

Rua Marquês de Fronteira
Nº 111, 4º Dto
1070-292 Lisboa
See it on google maps


Klug, Creative and Digital Marketing Agency, was nominee for Website of the day CSS Design Awards
Klüg, Creative and Digital Marketing Agency, won CSS Design Awards for Best Innovation
Klug, Creative and Digital Marketing Agency, won CSS Design Awards for Best UI Design
Klug, Creative and Digital Marketing Agency, won CSS Design Awards for Best UX Design
Klug awards on design, creativity and innovation


We are so famous that we even made it to the news. Check it out below.